Project details:
Date: May 2014
Industrial sector: Electricty Generation
Client : Endesa
Monitored machines Circulation pumps of seawater
Function : Cooling internal processes
Type of motor/electric generator :rotor induction motor squirrel cage
Power : 2x 1 MW

The Combined Cycle Power Plant to Endesa, consists of 2 groups of generation. The first group that came into operation Besos 3, 400MW, 1X1 single axle, and in early 2011 did Besós 5, 2X1configuration group with 3 generators with a capacity of 859MW.

These two groups account for over 50 electric motors vital importance for the correct operation of the plant. A breakdown of some of these motors, can jeopardize the ability of generating power of the plant. Test Motorsguarantee the availability of electric motors through the service TestOFF.

TestOFF, is the predictive maintenance service performed by Test Motors in the Combined Cycle Power Plant of Endesa in Sant Adrià Besos, Besos 3 and 5, to predict failures of electric motors. In this way we extend the life of motors and their loads, making small corrective actions planned in advance, on machines, and thus maintain the availability of the plant and avoid unscheduled stops

The electric motors tested are the most critical for the electrical generation process in a combined cycle power plant. From those which power pumps that feed water to the steam turbine, from which power the gas turbine cooling fans, the ones power cooling pumps open water circuit and closed water circuit, ones that power condensate pumps for lubrication of the bearings of the electric generator shaft. A total of more than 50 electric motors are reviewed periodically and diagnosed by Test Motors for Endesa in its combined cycle plant in Sant Adria del Besos, 400VAC motors from 25 kW up to 6600VAC and 2185kW



TestOFF can also perform predictive maintenance of the loads associated with electric motors in a Combined Cycle Power Plant, such as pumps, fans, compressors, .. and also to all machines connected to the electric motor power circuit .. from the transformers, contactors, switches, etc … and excessive wear or vibration of contacts detection, among other faults.