Project details:
Date: May 2014
Industrial sector: Electricity Generation
Client :Eon
Monitored machines electric motors Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP ) of Eon in Tarragona.
Function : Water circulation pump closed circuit
Type of motor/electric generator :Rotor induction motor squirrel cage
Power : 200kW
Test Off, is the predictive maintenance service of Test Motors done in the thermal cycle combined of Eon in Tarragona, to predict failures of electric motors. We managed tolengthen the useful life of the engines and their loads, performing small corrective actions, planned in advance, on the machines, and this maintain the availability of the plant andavoid stops no programs
The analyzed motors are the most critical to the process of generation in a combined cycle plant. From people power to power steam turbine water pumps, which operated to thecooling fans of the gas turbine, open circuit and closed circuit cooling pumps, pumps of condensate or lubrication of the bearings of the electric generator shaft pumps. A total of 30engines are reviewed and diagnosed regularly by Test Motors for Eon in their central combined cycle in the petrochemical industrial area of Tarragona. Engines of 400VAC to6600VAC and from 37kW up to 1650kW.
TestOff allows also perform predictive maintenance charges associated with electric motors in the Combined Cycle Power Plant, such as pumps, fans, compressors, .. and all machines related to power output circuit from transformers, contactors, switches, isolators, etc … and wear or excessive vibration of contacts, among other faults.