Test Motors, through its tool Predictive Maintenance Testim , can detect when it is necessary to lubricate the bearing of the rotating machine , and allows also to know when this lubrication is successful .
When a lubricant has lost its lubrication characteristics , it increases the magnitude of the vibration of the bearing at specific frequencies , which indicate the start of a possible defect of machine lubrication .
A continuous monitoring vibration as well is done with the testim system Test Motors , to detect realtime increased machine vibrations which can associating the defect lubrication thereof . Thanks to the machine lubrication should be reduced vibration level , reaching the initial states of vibration before the deterioration of the lubricant.
Therefore , by detecting the increase of vibration, the system TestIM_SMARTSOFT notifies the client to perform bearing lubrication
Once this lubrication, the system detects if it becomes the usual levels of machine vibration , indicating there by that the lubrication process was successful and the machine can continue to operate until further notice. In this way , we will make the process of re-lubrication of the machine when this process really necessary and machine require it , saving this way all processes extras or additional lubrication that are made along the year and that really would not be necessary .
Therefore , we saved in respect of material and labor. Thus arriving to make a really efficient lubrication process .
As we can see in the graphical attached form to function Testim is:
detects vibrations increase ( substandard performance ) , indicating a deficit in lubrication or deficit lubricant behavior of the machine; system Testim alerted by email customer for a new lubrication; as a result of this relubrication decreasing vibrations to normal levels ( standard operation ) is detected , therefore , lubrication was performed at the right time and properly.

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