Date : October 2016
Industrial sector : Water treatment
Client : Consorci d 'Aigües de Tarragona
Monitored machines : Water pump
Function : Water supply
Motor type/ Electric generator : Squirrel Cage Rotor Induction Motor
Power : 1,1 MW

Through the TestIM tool, Test Motors monitors a 1.1 MW pump from the Consorci d'Aigües de Tarragona pump station in l'Ampolla. The pump station consists of six pumps driven by six asynchronous squirrel-cage rotor motors with power ranging from 0.7 MW to 1.3 MW.

Test Motors is responsible for the monitoring of one of these pumps for the predictive detection of both mechanical and electrical failures of the motor and pump. TestIM, the online predictive maintenance solution implemented by Test Motors, is based on the installation of sensors permanently on the machine, the installation of a datalogger in charge of receiving information from these sensors and an expert software commissioned to interpret the data and to perform the warning of the fault that is developing the machine, in its initial state.