240_f_108633560_iflmtvyccy4wiapslvekvx3uyuodzex7The client hires the service monitoring and predictive maintenance of engines designated by Test Motors remotely. The client acquires the sensors (TestIM_Sensor) and the datalogger (TestIM_DAQ) for each engine to be monitored.

In engines appointed, we install TestIM_Sensor, which captures the motor variables and sends them to TestIM_DAQ, the system data acquisition, installed near the location of the engine and / or the control center of the engine, which processes them, and real time, sends them to a server on the production floor.

Client server sends all information via the Internet to our server located in our offices and where TestIM_SmartSoft is installed. In real time, TestIM_SmartSoft, detect any impact on the monitored engine and immediately send a notice in the form of SMS or email, the responsible predesignated. 24 hours after the incident detected, a full report shall be sent. The service has a minimum duration of 1 year. Try it now!

The electric motor or generator failures that can be detected, at an early stage, using the TestIM service, are:
  • Defects in the power supply
  • Problems in the drive system of the machine
  • Insulation faults in the stator winding
  • Rotor bars with manufacturing defects or broken
  • Short circuit rings broken
  • Bearing currents
  • Defects on the slopes, in the cage, or rolling element bearing
  • geometric deformations in the stator or the rotor
  • Deformations in the rotor shaft
  • Defects in transmission systems, gearboxes, reducing ..
  • Manufacturing defects of the machine
  • Problems associated with the load driven by the electric motor (pump, compressor, fan ...)