240_f_122235345_y3jleqefjm36s2qswanyigm0jig1tgziIt is the online tool that offers predictive maintenance from Test Motors, which allows to detect faults in electrical motors and generators in their initial states and manage repair.

It is the product developed entirely by Test Motors engineers, most innovative online predictive maintenance of electrical motors and generators . TestIM will not generate false alarms and tell you in detail , the severity of the faults of its rotating electrical machines and when it would be necessary to address them. Can detect power failures , power system, stator , rotor, eccentricities, bearings, shafts , transmission systems or engine load.

The , TestIM_SmartSoft , software installed on your server will allow you to keep under control all the motors/generators in your company, from anywhere in the world, simply access the Internet and in real time. With easily configurable reports , as required.

TestIM, will let you know the minute , from your office, from the factory floor, or from the living room of his house, by SMS or email messages, automatically generated, if a maintenance operation in the hours needed, days, weeks, or has worsened the condition of the engine more critical of their factory.

TestIM is the most reliable online predictive maintenance product for electric motors and generators available on the market. Use the most innovative solution; it will help you to increase the efficiency of your production plant, reduce maintenance costs and improve the availability of the production process.

TestIM can predict fault types:
  • Defects in the power supply
  • Problems in the drive system of the machine
  • Insulation faults in the stator winding
  • Rotor bars with manufacturing defects or broken
  • Short circuit rings broken
  • Bearing currents
  • Defects on the slopes, in the cage, or rolling element bearing
  • geometric deformations in the stator or the rotor
  • Deformations in the rotor shaft
  • Defects in transmission systems, gearboxes, reducing ..
  • Manufacturing defects of the machine
  • Problems associated with the load driven by the electric motor (pump, compressor, fan ...)