The client hires the service monitoring and predictive maintenance of engines designated by Test Motors remotely, for a minimum of 5 years. sensors (TestIM_Sensor) and electronic data acquisition board (TestIM_DAQ), on a rental basis, for each engine to be monitored are installed.

Implementation costs will depend on the power of the machine and the number of machines to be monitored, being a very competitive cost compared to the offline tests.

Our technicians travel to their facilities and perform in situ necessary to establish the current state of the electric motor / generator measures. The measures are always non-invasive, do not interfere with the normal operation of your production system. Test Motors is responsible for providing all required test equipment, perform measurements, analyze the results and within 24 hours receive a comprehensive report on the status of all motors / generators analyzed.

You should not worry about anything. In only 24 h you know what engines are in worse condition and you should do with them. Try it now!

In detailed reports, apart from the usual parameters of operation and status of machinery (power system, motor / generator, transmission system, load) maintenance actions to perform and when to perform.

The electric motor and generator failures that can be detected at an early stage using the TestIM service are:
  • Defects in the power supply
  • Problems in the drive system of the machine
  • Insulation faults in the stator winding
  • Rotor bars with manufacturing defects or broken
  • Short circuit rings broken
  • Bearing currents
  • Defects on the slopes, in the cage, or rolling element bearing
  • geometric deformations in the stator or the rotor
  • Deformations in the rotor shaft
  • Defects in transmission systems, gearboxes, reducing ..
  • Manufacturing defects of the machine
  • Problems associated with the load driven by the electric motor (pump, compressor, fan ...)