The technology developed by Test Motors, and validated by its clients during the last 7 years in high power motors and high criticity, is now applied to low voltage motors.
SMS (Smart Motor Sensor) is a low cost device connected to the IOT for low power motors (from 0.37 to 400 kW), but they are critical in the production processes. This makes a simple motor of a productive process, become a Smart Motor.


All electric motors in your hands

Until now the technology of Test Motors has been applied mainly to motors of great power and very critical for the productive processes. Thanks to the new development of the engineers of Test Motors, Smart Motor Sensor, is the device that is available for the motors of low power from 0.37 to 400 kW, at a cost totally assumable for the client. With this, you will know in real time when the motors begin to develop a fault and when it is necessary to perform a corrective action on this machine. The state of all the motors of your industrial plant,  will be accessible from any device connected to  Internet.


How Smart Motor Sensor works

Esquema Cloud SMS


SMS, the device developed by Test Motors, makes a simple “fool” motor becomes into a smart motor. This sensor can be installed on any new or used motor, in just 5 minutes (plug & play operating system).

All information collected by the sensor is sent wirelessly to the Test Motors server, where the solution, TestIM_SmartSoft, installed in the cloud of Test Motors, analyzes the information coming from the motor. The experience of thousands of data generated from the monitored installations and from our laboratory, is used to diagnose machine condition based on AI algorithms in real time. SmartSoft will tell you if that motor is starting to develop a fault either electric or mechanical of the machine.


Motor faults detected

The SMS system (Smart Motor Sensor) detects both electrical and mechanical faults.

The faults detected by the system are:

  •  Overload
  • Power supply problems
  •  Stator isolation problems
  •  Rotor bars and SC-Ring problems
  •  Motor unbalance
  •  Stator- Rotor  eccentricity
  •  Motor misalignment
  •  Bearing problems
  •  Efficiency leakage
  • Cooling system problems
  • Structural problems


This technology has been tested by our clients for more than 7 years in their electric motors and generators of their most critical production processes, and machines with more than 15 MW. This know-how now moves to a low cost device, called SMS. In this way Test Motors introduces its technology in the new  IOT revolution.