Test Motors monitors a pump motor rotor winding of 2.8 MW in ATLL


Through the TestIM tool , Test Motors monitors a 2.8 MW pump, a pumping station Aigües Ter Llobregat d’ Abrera. They treated four winding rotor asynchronous motors of 2.8 MW that are part of the pumping station Aigües Ter Llobregat in Abrera. 

Test Motors ensures monitoring of these driven by an induction motor rotor winding, for predictive fault detection , both mechanical and electrical, motor and pump . TestIM , the predictive maintenance solution online implemented by Test Motors, is based : the sensors to be installed permanently on the machine, installing a data logger responsible for receiving information from these sensors and software expert to interpret the data and make notice of the fault which is developing the machine, in its initial state . 



In the case of asynchronous wound rotor motors , Test Motors has expert prediction software failures TestIM SmartSoft, can detect typical as those related to the collector rings and brushes faults, which suffer heavy wear during operation machine.
Motor rotor currents during the startup process
 Monitoring rotor currents can allow detect the wear of the brush and the collector, and schedule a replacement of these components without allowing it to cause the machine stop . This machine is also characterized for having liquid resistance, with which can ensure smooth power of the pump.


TestIM is a solution that can be managed directly by the client or remotely by engineers of Test Motors. The second case is TestIM_Service option, which allows technicians Test Motors have monitored in real time and receive notices start failures of any component of the machine. 
Upon receipt of the notice, the engineer Test Motors contacts with the customer to agree to perform corrective actions. Test Motors through TestIM solution, besides performing predictive maintenance on-line machine, can detect and measure the power consumed by the machine (active electric power, reactive electric power) and knowing the point of efficiency which is working the machine. 
In this way we can make the study of energy efficiency of the process in which the motor / generator in question involved. Other process parameters can be monitored on request. 
TestIM, also offered in options: TestIM_LICENSE and TestIM_HYBRID






  • Vibrations: Accelerometers permanently installed on the machines. Detect mechanical failures.
  • Magnetic Field: Sensor to detect electrical failures of the electric motor of the machine.
  • Spectrum of currents and voltages: For detection of electrical faults of the machine and the motor rotor.
  • Spectrum rotor currents and voltages: For detection of faults in the rotor of the machine and the collector – brush set.
  • Leakage: To detect failures related to electrical insulation of the machine.
  • Temperature and speed: Temperature Sensing bearings and windings of the machine speed and accurately. 






  • Datalogger: responsible for collecting information from the sensors and send it to the server where the expert software is installed.

  • Expert software: Software that interprets the sensor data and predict the failure of the machine. In case of failure sends a warning email .





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