About Us

Grandes Máquinas Eléctricas Rotativas




Our passion for electric motors and our years of experience by monitoring multiple variables of the motor and/or electric generator, has provided us with information on the status or performance of the engine and over the years has allowed us to collect a lot of information engine monitored (big data).

Thanks to this has enabled us to create tools for predicting failures and develop new production strategies to maximize the benefits of the company. We want to entrust us with the health of their electric motors to maximize the efficiency of its production system. We will provide maximum availability of its production plant, will maximize the overall performance of your process and will reduce maintenance costs of its engines and electric generators.



At Test Motors we design and develop our own products and services in our R&D&i laboratories. In close collaboration with our clients, we test their efficacy under the most adverse possible operating conditions. Like that, we create solutions that truly meet your needs and fulfil your highest expectations in terms of the predictive maintenance of rotating electrical machines