SMS extends the life of a climate control turbine.

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Test Motors, through its predictive maintenance tool SMS, allows to detect when the life of a component has ended, in this case of an air conditioning turbine, and allows to know when its replacement is necessary. The Smart Motor Sensor is a smart wireless device that is capable of detecting machine breakdowns automatically, using a Wi-Fi network, through a learning process and artificial intelligence. It is a centrifugal air conditioning turbine.


With a continuous monitoring of the vibrations as it is done with the Test Motors SMS system, it allows to detect in real time any alteration of the operation of the machine. The system generates a warning through the mobile application where the bearing failure is indicated and a warning is also received by email. In this machine, apart from other parameters, vibrations, temperatures, machine load and speed are monitored.


  • Trend change: From having stable values to a high trend of vibrations that indicates that the behavior of the machine has changed.
  • The peaks of the graph: The peaks that are observed in the machine indicate the presence of impacts of some component, such as the bearings.

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Once the machine is opened, the turbine is inspected and the bearings are replaced. When the replacement is made, the system detects if it returns to the usual vibration levels of the machine, indicating that the process of replacing the bearings has been carried out correctly and the machine can continue to operate until further notice.