Configuración Instalación SMS



From the Test Motors team, we have made different visual and explanatory documents so that they can serve as a guide for the installation and configuration of the Smart Motor Sensor. The sensor configuration is made through the Smartsoft Test Motors mobile application, available for iOS and Android. Our customers should keep in mind that depending on the operating system of their mobile (iOS or Android) the configuration mode will vary, for that reason, and in order to help our customers, we have made two different videos.


SMS allows to monitor, in a simple way, all the motors of your production process at a very competitive price and predict your failures. SMS can be installed on any motor, new or used, in 5 minutes, even with the motor running. The sensor works with Wi-Fi communication and is powered  by a battery of one year of autonomy. SMS predicts motor’s failures from the Test Motors Cloud, and sends a notice through the mobile or web application.

The sensor is indicated for:

  • Standard low voltage IEC motors.
  • IEC frame from 90 to 400 and power from 0,37kW to 500 kW.
  • Squirrel cage motors.
  • Motors driven with frequency inverter or direct to line.




                                    iOS operating system                                                                                                                             Android operating system